Crime Report

Why we have security camera and police patrol…

How important is the camera at our front gate? Our off-duty police officer? Ever since the installation of the security camera  and the arrival of our HPD Officer, crime in Clayton Woods has dropped to virtually zero. In fact, our latest resident to Clayton Woods said specifically that the security camera was THE reason she bought her new home. Without it, she said, she would not have moved into the neighborhood.

The following is a map of the 77082 zip code area. As you can see, in the 6-month period ending Sept. 8, there were 2404 crimes reported, everything from burglaries to car theft, sexual assault, and assault with a deadly weapon. In Clayton Woods, however, there were 0 reported crimes.

Zooming in, you can see crime reports in the immediate Clayton Woods area. Again, thanks to our new security camera and police patrol, Clayton Woods has 0 reported crimes.

*Information furnished by HPD & the Harris County Sheriff’s Dept.